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    • 早,很快,不久,馬上;寧願,樂意,不如
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    • as soon as 用法 soon as的用法 是 S+V+conj+S+V 哪個動作是先發生的? as soon as的用法 是 “as soon as”+S1+...一起吃午餐。e.g.He will come here as soon as he finishes his work. 工作...

    • sooner than later

      1. "sooner than later"到底是甚麼意思啊? 早些而不要晚些 用than的片語, 可...之類或比較級用語. 寫出完整句子就知道意思了, 例如: I would rather do it sooner than later. 我寧可早點做, 而不要拖拖拉拉. (例如開刀) 2. "...

    • soon副詞用法?

      可是沒有I'll be very soon back? 有的: I'll be soon back (is good English) kisses, OK?) The oracle and his answers will soon come. (good English) all tyranny will soon fall amid the ... 2012-10-20 09:23...