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  1. soothe

    • IPA[so͞oT͟H]


    • v.
      gently calm (a person or their feelings);reduce pain or discomfort in (a part of the body)
    • verb: soothe, 3rd person present: soothes, gerund or present participle: soothing, past tense: soothed, past participle: soothed

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    • (急)請問英文好的人..soothing beverage

      soothing beverage通常是指喝下去,使人很舒服的飲料(解除一些疼痛的飲料)Bush tea...

    • Soothes caugh irritated ..這句意思

      Soothes cough irritated throat. Soothes在這句話裡的意思是: 紓解,減輕或緩和. 所以整句話的意思就是: 減輕咳嗽所引起的喉嚨痛. or 紓解被咳嗽所困擾的喉嚨. 希望這對你有幫助!

    • Music soothes the savage beast

      >>Music soothes the savage beast. >>Music has 2.