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    • 可否幫我翻譯嗎??一位外國友人的來信..謝謝

      Sorry for my late reply Chau chau, 抱歉這ㄇ晚才回覆, Chauchau ...中午左右到 Don’t know when I have a possibility to visit you yet. 仍不曉得是否有機會能見到妳 It will be busy the...

    • 請幫忙確認以下的用法可以嗎?謝謝?

      括符內為修正之文字 Sorry for the late reply, our Chengdu partner(, (Our) 2nd source data I will (give) to you later in afternoon.

    • 延遲回信 貿易英文

      Sorry for late reply! I joined a training couse of international trading on Wednesday and so that didn't reply to you at once. Please excuse for late response. I didn't...