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    • 英文 請幫我翻成中文謝謝 student ID) 依學生號碼排序(列印出以學生號碼排序的學生名單) 2. Sort by student name( print out the student list sorted by student name) 依學生名字排序(列印出以...

    • 請高手幫我解這兩題c++不同處

      ... persons and prints the name, salary and date of birth after sorting either by (a) By Name, or (b) By Salary, or (c) By Date of Birth...

    • 問SQL考題翻譯(1)

      很簡單啊! select, from customer where not in (select distinct from store) order by; 2014-12-12 11:17:11 補充: > 答案寫 <>...