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  1. sort out

    • vt.
      挑出; 分開;整理; 安排; 處理
    • v refl
    • 釋義


    • 1. 挑出; 分開 to sort out sth. from sth. 從某物中挑出某物
    • 2. 整理; 安排; 處理 did you sort it out with him when you were there? 你在那裡時和他安排好了嗎?
    • 3. 整理; 打理 it was left to me to sort out the mess 收拾爛攤子的事留給了我
    • 4. 識別; 確定 I couldn't sort out what had happened 我弄不明白出了甚麼事 to sort out who is responsible 查出負責人
    • 5. 糾正 we've got it all sorted out now 我們目前把一切都搞定了 to sort out one's life 恢復正常生活
    • 6. 修理; 糾正 I've sorted out the television 我把電視機修好了
    • 7. 安頓 the doctor will soon sort her out 醫生很快就會治好她的
    • 8. 收拾 I'll sort him out! 我會收拾他的!

    v refl

    • 1. 安頓自己 to sort oneself out 恢復正常生活
    • 2. 圓滿解決 to sort itself out 圓滿結束