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  1. sort out

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    • 1. 【俚】整治某人 I'll soon sort him out. Just let me get my hands on him! 我就要收拾他了, 等我捉到他時再說!
    • 2. 將某物揀出 sort out the smaller plants and throw them away 把小棵的挑出來扔掉 Sort out the things you want to keep and throw everything else away. 把你所要保持的東西揀選出來, 其餘的都扔掉。
    • 3. 【口】整理某事物 This room needs sorting out. 這房間需要收拾一下。
    • 4. 解決(問題等) I'll leave you to sort this problem out. 我把這個問題交給你來處理。 I need to sort my life/myself out a bit, before I start looking for a new job. 我需要先安頓一下, 然後再去找新的工作。



    • n.
    • ph.


    • ph.
      表明(或證明)誰真正勇敢(或有技巧、才能等) Climbing that mountain will certainly sort out the men from the boys. 爬爬那座山就知道誰行誰不行了。
    • ph.
      心緒不佳 The chief's feeling thoroughly out of sorts this morning. 今天早晨首長的情緒一點也不好。
    • ph.
      【口】情緒不好 She complained of being out of sorts. 她抱怨說情緒欠佳。
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    • ph.
      挑出 He sorted out the papers to be thrown away. 他把要處理掉的文件挑了出來。


    • ph.
      挑出 He sorted out the papers to be thrown away. 他把要處理掉的文件挑了出來。
    • vt.
      挑出; 分開 to sort out sth. from sth. 從某物中挑出某物
    • v refl
      安頓自己 to sort oneself out 恢復正常生活
    • ph.


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