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    • 這英文文法實在不懂,有大大可以幫翻嗎?

      ...item. 新牛載褲設計 的面世 導致牛載褲一時成為一項昂貴的時尚. All sort of new labels were sewn onto jeans bearing the name of famous fashion houses and chain stores. 許多有名設計公司和連鎖店 的招牌 一一被繡在牛載褲...

    • 中文翻英文 ((急急急急 ((20點

      ... like stepping into a fairy tale world full of happiness, you can see all sorts of cute cat house cat in the castle-like play, like the elf makes silence broke into ...

    • 幫我翻譯介紹家人~盡快~20點

      ... sister,and I in my family. it is sort of typical family. My father is a bussiness... because he is grand. My mother is a house worker, and an accountant, too. she has to not only do...