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  1. sound a note of

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    • 1. 表示某種感情(或觀點等) She sounded a note of warning in her speech. 她在講話中表示要引起警惕。



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    • 拜託強大大解答 句中which用法。?

      ...similar and different in the four examples of sound knowledge. ----deep--the deep notes of the hour bell sound means a man with deep insight, deep learning, deep thinker. ----dull--a dull sound means...

    • 吹錯音的英文是play wrong嗎? a wrong tune on the flute. 2013-07-13 13:56:09 補充: a note = an individual sound in music A group of notes played together is called a chord and a series of notes...

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      ...的部份,請參照原文判定。As noted earlier, hundreds of libraries and information centers do not have a written policy and have sound collection. Luck plays...