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  1. sound barrier


    • ph.
      = sonic barrier
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    • 請幫我翻譯一篇要租房子的信,要寫給外國房東的

      ...nice to me; but I found their food intolerable. The sound barrier of the rooms are unbelievably bad.In order to have my own...

    • 請問這篇建築材料方面的文章怎麼翻(英翻中)?

      環境: ‧過濾器半生熟的為小對大的刻度環境的乾淨在手術上面。 ‧低成本床和 berms 和包含區域為位置暴風雨水奔跑-離開對抗有毒的漏洞和溢出的保護。 ‧便宜而容易的為張塑膠 leachate 安裝替換封閉材料和/或者輸入了泥土借垃圾掩埋場細胞的材料 ‧五月被使用當...

    • 我想問裡面那句是什麼意思?

      ...of movement, travel, work and living. It may sound crazy but it can be done. All we need ...this from occurring. Also mental nationalistic barriers have. 3)barriers are set for reasons...