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  1. sound out


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    • 1. 試探……的意向 He sounded out his father on the idea of marrying Jane. 他徵詢他父親對他娶珍的意見。 Have you sounded him out yet? 你試探過他的意見了嗎?
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    • sound like 的翻譯

      ...沒有前後文,只能照字面翻: Although I'm just one out of a few million (people) that sound like me. 雖然我只是幾百萬個說話像我這樣的人之一而已。 意思可能是...

    • I still can’t remember how to

      The first thing is to know the correct pronuciation, and sound it out while you write the word. if you know the exact sound of the word there shouldnt be a problem...

    • 幾個英文單字的辨別sound/

      ...'s that sound, is it the water?" Sound describes an object that is not alive...quot; So don't mistake the two terms!^^ 3. Out/ outside: this is the same thing as above, is...