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  1. source code


    • n.
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    • 此段翻譯有點不懂想請問一下

      ...research has shown a decrease in acceptance of online publication of virus source code. 儘管公開地開放電腦病毒仍廣泛地合法,但Gordon的研究顯示出接受...

    • 電腦程式提問,幫忙中翻英,謝謝!!

      ...problem while I revised the file path. Then sending you the source codes, which I programed according to ApplicationCodingSteps...

    • 有關英文Mail的問題

      ...加一個主詞就可以的 they are not 而不是 do not 在XXX裡有一段source code如下 There is a source code in xxx as below. 如下 = below 不懂...