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    • 請英文系的同學幫我翻譯,兩段介紹。

      Because and the foundation member have source of the priests and disciples, is...gentleman the scholarship feel that the lifetime is honored. Itself invests the massive funds...

    • 求IN CHRIST ALONE中文歌詞

      ...是隸屬於我的吧! My source of strength My source of hope Is Christ alone 而我力量的根源...不致屈服 And now I seek no greater honor than just to know him more 如今,我僅僅想更...

    • 老師大佬,兩行中文翻譯英文~江湖救急!

      ...use copying machine. Because of its own and founder of the source of a master and apprentice, for his able to feel their honour Mr. gakugei. Itself a significant investment to become shareholders...