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  1. soya bean

    • n.
      the seed of the soybean plant; a soybean.
    • noun: soya bean, plural noun: soya beans

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    • n.
      a bean of the soya plant, used in a variety of foods and fodder, especially as a replacement ...

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 急!請幫我中翻英要流暢 勿用翻譯軟體 謝!

      I like drinking the soya-bean milk, the soya-bean milk is that one kind want Then: Add water and pinch out the soya-bean milk. The last step: The soya-bean milk that...

    • 中文泰語的對照

      ...เนือนึง (Steamed crab)蒸蟹 ปูนงซีอว (Steamed crab in soya bean sauce)大豆酱蒸蟹 ปูไข่ดอง ( Marinaded spicy crab)卤辣味蟹...

    • 糯米的英文到底是什麼

      ...barley蕎麥 [Botany] buckwheat稞 wheat; barley小米 millet糯米 glutinous rice黃豆 soy beans; soya beans紅豆 adzuki beans; small red beans黑豆 black soy beans...