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  1. space

    • IPA[speɪs]



    • n.
    • vt.
    • 過去式:spaced 過去分詞:spaced 現在分詞:spacing

    • 名詞複數:commercial spaces

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 空間 to take up a lot of space 佔很大地方 the amount of space occupied by sth. 某物所佔的空間
    • 2. 太空
    • 3. 空隙; 空地 a small/narrow space 小的/窄的空當 some empty spaces on the bookshelves 書架上的幾處空隙
    • 4. 時段; 版面 the newspaper gives space to local news/young writers 這家報紙刊登地方新聞/年輕作者的文章 a space for the public to air their views 供公眾發表意見的時段
    • 5. 空白 to type a space 鍵入一個空格 to leave a space 空一格
    • 6. 期間 a short space of time 一會兒 after a space of about fifteen minutes 約15分鐘後
    • 7. 區域 green spaces 綠地 a women-only space 女性專用區
    • 8. 餘地 to give each other space 互留餘地 space to develop one's talents 發展才幹的餘地
    • 9. 線間空白


    • 1. 以一定間隔排列 to space the chairs evenly/two metres apart/further apart 把椅子均勻地擺開/以兩米間距擺開/擺得更開一點 the letter was well spaced 信文排得很舒服
    • 2. 把…間隔開 to be better spaced 時間間隔被安排得更好 he spaced his visits over a period of three years 他把訪問分散安排在三年內


    1. a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied

    2. an area of land which is not occupied by buildings

    3. a blank between printed, typed, or written words, characters, numbers, etc.

    4. the physical universe beyond the earth's atmosphere

    5. an interval of time (often used to suggest that the time is short considering what has happened or been achieved in it)


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