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  1. space heater


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    • About Power Electronics

      ...that the power 1500 watt is the power rating of the mentioned heater at 'power on'. The power consumption will be zero at 'power off'. The reason...

    • 中翻英 :與問卷調查有關的句子

      ... 1. Air conditioning (cooler/heater): ( )Very Satified ( ) Satified... Satified ( ) Totally not satified 2. Space and room, Cleaness of the enviornment: 3. Privacy...

    • 有誰會翻譯環工專業英文

      ...加熱器 (3) 必須被定□ 分開地。 特點 緊縮設計: Close coupled, space 保存的設計提供 容易的設施。 靈活 聯結和座板 不必需。 架置: 能是 登上在...