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  1. space shuttle

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    • 1. 太空梭 The Columbia was the first space shuttle that had been sent out into space and then landed back safely on earth. 哥倫比亞號是第一艘被送入太空, 然後安全降落回到地球的太空梭。
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    • 請英文文法高手(指導)

      The American space shuttle has made its final night launch... 是形容詞「美國的」,修飾名詞 space shuttle。 has made 是動詞部分,用現在完成式...

    • 我有一篇英文文章誰可以幫我翻中文呢?

      The space shuttle is reusable spacecraft desiged to be ... Aeronautics and Space Administration developed the shuttle in the 1970s. 美國航太總署於 1970 年代開發...

    • 英文文法動詞問題

      ... space project hoping to fill void left by retirement of NASA's space shuttles. 請問hoping 的前面是不是少了is, 如果是的話為什麼要省略] 正確! ...