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  1. spaces

    • space的名詞複數
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    • 急! spacing out 是什麼

      spacing out is also like daydreaming most of the time when people space out...something that might be troubling them most people are smart when they space out but might be called dumb they often appeir with a blank look on their...

    • space out在此是何意

      ...會從7月初開始到達, 可是會隔著搬動, 好讓設計師可以不停的繼續做電影計劃. space out在此是指 : 隔開(時間上/空間上) ex. The cars are ...

    • my space

      my space live space 兩者不同公司 但都屬於社交網站 用來 拓展 人際關係 Myspace 在國外比較紅