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    • spare a thought for me

      ...也是phantom of the opera 的粉絲嗎?! ME TOO! spare a thought for me是歌聲魅影 “Think...17:01:39 補充: 整句歌詞 "if you ever find a moment, spare a thought for me" 指 "如果你有時間...

    • spare somebody's feelings

      Spare 是略去。 spare somebody's feelings 不要使人難過。 顏氏字典...節省;愛惜。 # To refuse to punish; treat leniently. 饒恕;寬宥。 例句:Spare his life. 饒他一命。 to spare her feelings 不讓她難過...

    • 請問 spare a square 要怎麼翻譯

      ...是一節一節的, 且有2-ply兩層一節, 或紙質更好更軟的有3-ply三層一節. Spare a square : 省一個方塊, (求妳)分我一節(Elaine本想要求3節) 2008-05...