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  1. sparking plug


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    • 誰能幫忙翻汽車英文一小段翻譯 +10點

      ...Sparks also occur when the engine is cranked with the ignition on and the spark plugs removed. Disconnect the coil or connect the HT cables...

    • 汽車英文 急需

      ... before the piston reaches TDC during the compression stroke the spark plug ignites the compressed air-fuel mixture. (引擎在進行)壓縮行程...

    • 急 人阿救救我 汽車專業英文翻譯句子2

      ...與摩損 5.The spark ignition engine uses an electric are at the spark plug to ignite the fuel 5.火花點火引擎(汽油引擎)使用一種發電的是在火星塞來點著...