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    • 拜託幫幫我英文句子呀! help me!!

      ‘A sundial’ she sad softly, and then, without knowing...’ As she spoke the word, a cold wind went...boy."Sorry!" she said. 她開始跑向庭院而且差點撞上...

    • 形容聲音小聲

      ...something that is representative of quietness/softness.) For example, you can say: - She speaks as softly as a shy little girl. - He talks as quietly as a tired old man...

    • 求~4個句子翻譯 (中翻英)

      ...speaks loudly with a sense of authority. 2. The mother of the female protagonist speaks softly, as if afraid of saying something wrong. 3. A woman should just get married soon and have ...