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    • 用英文回答你喜歡哪種電影

      ..., . if they are frequent to go and see there. Speaking of movies, most of some moves I favor... was also to enjoy it. 在你的家鄉 看 國外電影是很棒。 如果經常去看看影片, . 它是最適合人們學習...

    • (英文) 從電影裡聽到的台詞

      ...或生氣用語。 英英字典解釋如下: [transitive]British English 1.[spoken]not politesaid when you are annoyed or angry: • Bugger it! ...

    • 急~~英文演講稿 有關阿碼迪斯這部電影

      ... of all time. This is a movie that speaks for itself. I am uncertain as to the... the air of tragedy, and his undoubted genius speaks to us now and forever. This film is...