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    speak out against

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    • 英文填空、解釋句義

      ...證明太空旅行是多麼的危險 3. The doctor needed to be _ audacious_ to speak out against DNA profiling when most of his audience was for it...

    • people who speak out humanity?

      ... work is important since he preaches about peace and human right against People Republic of China. Even though, there ...

    • 誰能幫我翻譯啊~女權主義的文章

      女權主義的歷史 1.古代 有不夠證據早組織抗議這些劃界線的地位。 在西元前3世紀,羅馬婦女填補Capitoline希爾並且堵塞每 當馬奎斯‧Porcius加圖領事抵抗時,論壇的入口試圖廢止限制婦女對昂貴的貨物的使用的法律。 "如果他們現下勝利,他們將不...