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    • 1. 充分說明 Her refusal to become angry with those naughty children spoke volumes for her patience. 她不對那些淘氣的孩子發脾氣足見她很有耐心。 The nice present she gave you spoke volumes for what she thought of you. 她給你那麼好的禮物充分表現出她對你的看法。
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    • 一小段英文翻譯..

      ... such as sex or religion in public. In some countries the volume of one's voice may offend people, In Japan for example, people tend to be more soft-spoken, and might think that someone who is speaking or laughing loudly...

    • that 以及account for 的用法!

      ...到的內容,所以有時視情況   翻成「包含」或「負責」會比較通順。 account for (written and spoken) English → 包含了 (書寫與口說) 英文 account for (all) written...

    • 10點,英文3分鐘演講稿

      ... little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness. I completely agree...that they seem to get addicted to it. For instance, checking emails, ...