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    • 深思,推測,投機
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    • 請幫忙翻譯一句英文,主要是文法問題。20點!

      You can speculate all you want about what Mark would have done had he been...分析一下(動詞的地方我用顏色區分): 這是一句現在式 (主要子句 You can speculate all you want用的是現在式),現在式在說明甚麼呢? 一件與過去事實相反的事情...

    • 這句英文怎麼翻?為什麼這樣翻

      ...承接動詞的真正受詞)修飾受詞的形容詞片語 : scientists dared speculate= (that) scientists dared speculate科學家們之前膽敢臆測的。...

    • How to say\”炒股票\”and\”炒地皮\”? their value, but with the risk of losing money 投機; 做投機買賣: speculate in oil shares 做石油股票的投機買賣 * speculating on the stock...