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    • 單字distractable跟distractible哪個對

      ... Wallace Wallin (1914)"In the clinic, on superficial examination, he appeared bright, but with a highly distractable attention, his speech was distinct, fluent, but also glib, ..."5. A Short...

    • 請幫忙檢查我的自我介紹,星期二就要!

      ...a small grocery store. My mother works in a clinic. My younger sister is a student. ...but also my life teachers. In this Speech Communication, I hoped I...

    • 誰能幫我翻譯 我父親的病歷摘要

      主訴:吞噬困難, 眼瞼下垂,言語不清,約兩個月. 病史: 此64歲病患為第二型糖尿病病患,以口服降血糖藥物控制,無主訴有其它全身系統疾病,主訴吞噬困難, 眼瞼下垂,言語不清,約兩個月,病患於96年6月入院,入院後右眼眼瞼下垂,言語不清,沒有發現呼吸衰竭的証據, Mestinon(膽素脂酶...