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  1. spell

    • IPA[spɛl]


    • n.
      a form of words used as a magical charm or incantation;a state of enchantment caused by a magic spell
    • noun: spell, plural noun: spells

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  2. 知識+

    • You put a spell on me 歌詞翻譯

      ...s not all i have 'cause 變得悲傷並不是我的全部 因為 You put a spell on me 你對我下了咒 There's no escape when 我沒有任何退路...

    • beginning & spelling發音?

      ...rarr; 兩個 n 在一起並不影響發 n 音,一樣發"比.ㄍ一ㄥ.擰"沒錯。 ● spelling要念"死杯喔領"還是"死杯喔影" → 唸"死杯喔領"沒錯,第一個 "l" 要唸出...

    • 翻譯: spell doom

      ...expect conditions to get worse before they improve, some aren't spelling doom. 請問句中"spelling doom"是什麼意思呢? 整句翻譯更好...