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  1. spew

    • IPA[spjuː]


    • v.
      expel large quantities of (something) rapidly and forcibly;be poured or forced out in large quantities
    • n.
    • verb: spew, 3rd person present: spews, gerund or present participle: spewing, past tense: spewed, past participle: spewed

    • noun: spew

    • 釋義
    • 相關詞



    • 1. informal vomit.
    • n.
      any illness marked by bouts of vomiting: there I got the dreadful rot, and Belyando spew

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • IPA[spyo͞o]


    • v.
      expel large quantities of (something) rapidly and forcibly: buses were spewing out black clouds of exhaust

    Oxford American Dictionary

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