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  1. sphere of influence

    • ph.
      a country or area in which another country has power to affect developments although it has no formal authority
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    • 幫我翻譯英文期刊內的文章

      ... an example of how a clinical nurse specialist(CNS)can exercise all the spheres of CNS influence:the patient/client sphere,the nursing personnel sphere,and the organization sphere...

    • 英文摘要翻譯... 急!! 20點;And Central Asia was a traditional Russia sphere of influence in the past, emphasized the control of oil source in this district to seek maintenance...

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      1. 防患未然 2. 在艙門下面 3. 支配 4. 偷吃步, 走捷徑 5. 遠離白天 6. 扯某人後腿 7. 動不動就... 8. 吃苦耐勞的, 大膽的 9. 以額外的努力來開始一件事 10. 刀口 11. 很全面, 全面的, 全方位的 12. 搜查, 搜索 13. 勢力範圍 14. 合適, 適合, 匹配 15. 交由歷史去驗證 16. 絕招, 逼不得已...