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    • 藥料,香料,香氣,調味品,情趣加香料,使添趣味
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    • indian spices

      You can get Indian spices at TRINITY WORLDWIDE CO., located in Taipei...

    • 我要鏡音連SPICE的中文歌詞

      ...我只有妳噢」等等之類 太過老套 太過好笑 僅僅為了和誰相繫? 苦熱的 SPICE 現在只為你獻上唷 令人沉醉的我的 TASTE 在體內感受到了嗎...

    • spice girl-goodbye(歌詞英翻中)

      Goodbye (再見) No no no no, no no no no, no no no no,(這不用解吧!) Listen little child, there will come a day(聽著細路,新一天來了) When you will be able, able to say (到時你可以說了) Never mind the pain, or the aggravation (不會痛苦和煩躁) You know there's a...