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    • 幫我把英文翻譯成中文

      ... as I walked through the market and eventually bought a box of exotic spices to take home. 逛市場時我觸摸了許多陌生又奇特的物品,最後我買了一盒奇特...

    • 尋找英文高手~不要用翻譯軟體!(15點)

      ...with crayons; “see” and ”say”, sensory play with parents; shape boxes; empty spice bottles; squeeze toys; teething toys; textured...

    • 外國人看的懂的小吃英文請幫我翻

      ...雞肉絲飯 chicken shred rice 雞肉絲便當 chicken shred lunch box 豬肝麵 pig’s livers noodles 紅燒肉...蒜泥三層肉 boiled pork with garlic sauce 滷豆干海帶 spiced 燙青菜 parboil vegetables 蒸蛋 egg custard 滷蛋...