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  1. spill

    • IPA[spɪl]



    • vi.
      溢出;散落; 散射
    • vt.
      使…溢出; 使…散落;打翻
    • n.
    • 過去式:spilt 過去分詞:spilt 現在分詞:spilling

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 溢出 to spill from or out of sth. 從某物中溢出 to spill over/on to sth. 灑滿某處/灑到某物上
    • 2. 散落; 散射 the coins spilt on to the floor 硬幣散落到了地板上 the crowds spilled into the street 人群湧到了街上


    • 1. 使…溢出; 使…散落 to spill water/salt from or out of sth. 把水/鹽從某物中灑出來 he spilt wine down his suit 他把葡萄酒灑在了西裝上
    • 2. 打翻 to spill sb.'s drink 弄翻某人的飲料
    • 3. 使…散落 the sack burst and spilt grain all over the floor 麻袋破了,糧食灑了一地
    • 4. 透露; 洩露 who spilt the news? 是誰走漏了風聲? to spill the beans 洩露消息
    • 5. 把…摔下來


    • 1. 溢出物
    • 2. 溢出
    • 3. 摔下 there were many spills at the gymkhana 那次馬術比賽中有很多人摔下來 to have a spill 摔下來


    1. cause or allow (liquid) to flow over the edge of its container, especially unintentionally

    2. (of liquid) flow over the edge of its container

    3. (of a number of people) move out of somewhere quickly

    4. reveal (confidential information) to someone

    5. cause to fall off a horse or bicycle

    6. an instance of a liquid spilling or being spilt

    7. a fall from a horse or bicycle