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  1. spill over

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    • 1. 從某物中溢出 The meeting spilt over from the hall into the corridor. 參加會議的人從大廳到走廊擠得水泄不通。
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    • Don’t cry over spilled milk

      ... were milked by hand into a pail. Milk does get spilled occasionally when the pail is tipped over, and then there simply is no getting it back into the pail. Like...

    • 請問有關於重組

      1.I spilled milk all over the floor. __________________________.  spilled / over / all / floor / milk / the2.Have you seen that  movie  yet...

    • 關於spill這個字

      ...主要是從容器裡面溢出來(潑灑出來),液體最多。 常用諺語:Don't cry over spilled milk. 覆水難收。(潑灑出去的牛奶你哭也沒有) 此處 spilled 當形容詞...