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    • 英文有關食物的慣用語

      ...don't care beans about it. 我一點兒也不在乎 know how many beans make five 知道顯而易見的...笨的人卻不知道 take the bread out of one's mouth...講 fish story 就是在吹牛 spill the beans (不小心...

    • 英文慣用語~~急用

      ...旺盛 I do not care beans about the news.我對新聞毫不在乎 I know how many beans make five.我是個非常聰明機警的人...'s a fish story故事荒唐無比 spill the beans洩漏秘密 a hard nut to...

    • 幫我找含有食物的英文片語!!

      ...48 補充: A piece of cake 容易的事 We need not have worried about the math exam. It was a piece of cake. 我們本不必擔心數學考試, 實際上...