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  1. spin

    • IPA[spin]


    • v.
      turn or cause to turn or whirl around quickly;(of a person's head) give a sensation of dizziness
    • n.
      a rapid turning or whirling motion;revolving motion imparted to a ball in a game such as baseball, cricket, tennis, or billiards
    • noun: spin, plural noun: spins

    • verb: spin, 3rd person present: spins, gerund or present participle: spinning, past tense: spun, past participle: spun

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. turn or cause to turn or whirl around quickly the girl spun around in alarm the rear wheels spun violently 同義詞 revolve, rotate, turn, turn around, go around, ... 更多
    • (of a person's head) give a sensation of dizziness the figures were enough to make her head spin 同義詞 reel, go around, whirl, be in a whirl, swim, ... 更多
    • impart a revolving motion to (a ball) when bowling.
    • (of a ball) move through the air with a revolving motion the ball spun in viciously they had to spin the ball wide
    • shape (sheet metal) by pressure applied during rotation on a lathe spun metal components
    • 2. draw out (wool, cotton, or other material) and convert it into threads, either by hand or with machinery they spin wool into the yarn for weaving
    • make (threads) by drawing out and twisting fibers this method is used to spin filaments from syrups
    • (of a spider or a silkworm or other insect) produce (gossamer or silk) or construct (a web or cocoon) by extruding a fine viscous thread from a special gland.
    • 3. give (a news story or other information) a particular interpretation, especially a favorable one.
    • 4. fish with a spinner they were spinning for salmon in the lake


    • 1. a rapid turning or whirling motion he concluded the dance with a double spin 同義詞 rotation, revolution, turn, whirl, twirl, ... 更多
    • revolving motion imparted to a ball in a game such as baseball, cricket, tennis, or billiards this racket enables the player to impart more spin to the ball
    • an uncontrolled fast revolving descent of an aircraft, resulting from a stall he tried to stop the plane from going into a spin
    • trademark short for spinning
    • the intrinsic angular momentum of a subatomic particle.
    • 2. informal a brief trip in a vehicle for pleasure a spin around town 同義詞 trip, jaunt, outing, excursion, short journey, ... 更多
    • 3. a particular bias, interpretation, or point of view, intended to create a favorable (or sometimes, unfavorable) impression when presented to the public he tried to put a positive spin on the president's campaign 同義詞 slant, angle, twist, bias
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