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  1. spin out


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    • 1. 拉長 He spun out the story to make a book. 他將這個故事加長,寫成了一本書。
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    • spin control

      spin --- a situation out of control, can apply to computer programming, bias in news.... Here, it's a slang. to indicate situation out of control, use "spin control" instead of "spin" only. "spin control"...

    • 英文工程翻譯幫忙一下

      ScanRobots 是 Treventus Mechatronics 的第一步計畫 , 這個Treventus Mechatronics 是源自於大學的產物, 由 Wolfgang Zagler 教授在2002年搭乘火車時草擬出來的構想.

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      ...rim of the land The eagle's dancing wings create as weather Spins out of hand Go closer hold the land feel partly no more Than ...