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  1. spin something out

    • ph.
      make something last as long as possible
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    • spin control

      ..., it's a slang. to indicate situation out of control, use "spin control" instead of "spin" only. "spin... viewed from different perspective or something has been going too far which...

    • string 與 thread 有何不同? 還是都一

      ...of the filaments of a spider's web 6. something connecting elements: a continuous... by the ancient Greeks to be spun, measured out, and cut by the Fates 9. mineral extract vein...

    • 麻煩翻譯英文〈請不要網路上的翻譯.翻出來很奇怪.謝謝〉

      ... like snowflakes as they spun around. 當他們旋轉的時候,就像雪花...fanfare of trumpets rang out. 他把克拉拉抱下雪橇,放在宮殿的..., each one showing something good to eat or drink. 第三組的舞者...