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    • 英文超強的人,這中翻英,翻的對不對?..謝謝

      ... in seeking and doing His will. May Jesus guide us the way to the Truth, help to resolve the problems in our spiritual path and practice, as well as to overcome the obstacles we meet in our...

    • 麻煩幫忙翻譯一下以下英文~有點長(20點)3q

      西藏的流亡精神領袖,達賴喇嘛,在星期六催促了高層科學家工作確定倫理的原則指導他們正在刃口科學中製造的大步。 ”我們一定要發現帶著基本的人道主義者和倫理的考慮到的方法在科學發展的方向之後忍受,尤其在生活科學中”,他對於神經科學在一個對社會的演說中告訴約 8000...

    • 請幫我修正英翻中

      ... religion may be a factor, or to a final solution of spiritual problem or awkward predicament. Reed (1986 ) is... as and grown the meaning, guided helping or meaningful resource with the structures...