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    • 幫我翻英文[10點]急~^^!

      ... teach , warn life and purify holy to take people clever holy thing, have not changed, attached or deleted . Christianity is the religious sect which Catholicism split out since in the early years of the 16th century. There are three...

    • 求救會計高手!股票股利的問題!!

      ...42 per share Q2: If the firms total earnings do not change, what is the payout ratio before and after the stock split? payout ratio(每股股利/ 每股盈餘 )兩者皆為6/9.5= 63.16% Q(1...

    • 幫我中翻英>< 有關於激勵人的句子!!

      1. Opens with a pair of hand splits own one piece of day Goes out the road which with a...fearless undertaking 5. the environment cannot change, changes the mood 6. optimistic facing, brave...