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  1. split hairs

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    • 1. 【貶】(在爭論等中)作不必要的過細區分

      Scholars nowadays just split hairs; they never address the basics. 當今的學者只做不必要的細微區分; 他們從來不談根本。

      David loves to split hairs. 大衛就愛作一些瑣細的分析。

  2. 知識+

    • 關於英文抖幾個成語

      ...good head on his/her shoulders 2. let your hair down split hairs a hair's breadth have a bad hair day get in sb's hair 3. all eyes...

    • [十連問] 一些單字的差別與中翻英

      ...Split 可以表達的比較貼切生動˙ 比如說˙ split a hair 或是splitting hair 4. "maybe" 和 "probably" 的差別在哪? 主要是可能發生的機率...

    • can I go/come with you? 的不同之處

      ..., They are virtually the same. However, if you want to split hair, the former typically indicates the speaker is at the same physical location...