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    • SPLITTED 這是什麼意思?

      ... down. 他蹲下去時繃裂了褲子。 分擔;分享;分得 We'll split the cost of the dinner between us. 我們將均分晚餐的費用。 把...劃分[(+up)] The old farm has been split up into house lots. 這...

    • 20點 英翻中.餐飲方面的

      ...either national or local. 廣告戰可能是全國性或區域性 3. Restaurants may split the cost of a promotion by hooking up with a supplier interested in moving his/her product...

    • 弘光 英文 轉學考 幫忙解題!!

      ... so everyone felt that their ______ was inevitable. (A) split up 絕交(B)split open 無此用法(C) crack up 撞壞(D) splits...