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  1. spontaneous generation


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    • 一大堆關於科學的英文問題~~急

      ...重要性. 4. Describe a historical experiment performed to test the theory of spontaneous generation. Be sure to identify the control and variable tested. 請描述一項為了驗證...

    • To improve English Speaking

      ... to yourself. This is more spontaneous and allows you to practice responding in...57 補充: It may take decades and even generations to achieve a whole english environment but often at the expense...

    • 幫個忙翻譯一下有關幹細胞的文章

      人類的胚胎幹細胞(hESCs有能力不確定增殖而且進入每一個胚胎儲存格血統之內區別。很棒的照料是維持相同hESC文化所必要者自從自然的區別以後時常在文化方面發生,推測上起因於溶解的因數,儲存格-儲存格的接觸及[或]儲存格-矩陣象徵。 hESC 區別經由代...