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    • 翻譯運動防護的文章!!

      ...joint some direction the activity, or the limit surpasses some scope the activity. Regarding has once been injured or the easy pulling injury spot, the affiliation equipment maintenance or pastes grips...

    • 英文句子裡出現一大堆斜線是怎樣?高手救命!!@@

      ... boors with whom he talk'd, the country spots he knew. But thou, because thou hear'st ...say, Fear not! life still Leaves human effort scope. But, since life teems with ill, Nurse...

    • 幫忙寫一下diffinition和sentance(20點)

      ...n.) a place or space hollowed out in a wall; a quiet spot. sentence: The desk with fit nicely in that recess. (這張... teacher wants us to amplify the the scope of discussion. (老師要我們擴大討論的範圍)