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  1. sprang

    • IPA[spræŋ]



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    • spring

      ... have missed a word "constant" as: a spring with spring constant (彈簧的彈簧係數) 2013-10-19 22:16:57...22:21:45 補充: On the other hand, if you think "spring" means "跳躍", then again "with spring...

    • spring要怎麼唸急

      ...] 3. 跳躍[C] He rose with a spring and dashed out the door. 他一躍而起, 奔出門去...6. 給...上發條 7. 【口】花(錢)[(+for)] She sprang fifty dollars for best sellers...

    • spring為何有些加the,有時候不加

      ...加定冠詞the;但美式英文或特定時才會加 the,例: in the spring of 2011; in the spring of our life。這也很可能為何...he invited me to come visit him during spring vacation, I said yes right off. (不加the) ...