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  1. sprays

    • spray的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n.
      浪花,水花,飛沫[U] We parked the car by the sea and it got covered with spray. 我們將汽車停在海邊,汽車上濺滿了浪花。
    • vt.
      噴灑,噴塗[O][(+on/over/with)] He sprayed water on the flowers in the morning. 他早晨給花澆水。
    • vi.
      噴;(如浪花般)濺散 There was a hole in the hose, and water sprayed out all over me. 水管上有一個洞,水噴出來濺了我一身。
    • n.[C]
    • spray的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • n.
      飛沫 sea spray 海面的浪花 the spray of a waterfall 瀑布的水花
    • vt.
      to spray paint (on to sth.) (給某物)噴漆 to spray water at/over sth. 對著某物/往某物上噴水
    • vi.
      water sprayed all over the floor 水噴了一地
    • n.
    • 水沫,浪花,水花,噴霧,噴霧器,小樹枝噴霧,掃射,噴射噴,濺散


    • ph.
      殺蟲劑 There are so many bugs in this room. Do we have any bug spray? 這房間裡有這麼多小蟲。我們有沒有殺蟲劑? I was bothered by cockroaches all night. Do we have any bug spray? 我整夜被蟑螂煩擾。我們有沒有殺蟲劑?
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