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  1. spread out

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    • 1. 使(某人)離開其他人或散開 The search party spread out over the moor. 搜索隊在荒草地分散行動。 Don't all sit together, spread yourselves out. 別都擠在一塊兒, 分開坐吧。
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    • 有人可以跟我解釋為什麼答案是is嗎?

      Spread out before you ( ) the glory of God B.are ...個倒裝句, 強調spread out before you. 還原句是: The glory of God ____ spread out before you. 主詞是the glory, 它是個不可數名詞, 動詞要用單數, 排除B...

    • 請問 spread 跟 stretch 有什麼不一樣 ?

      ...蓋住很大的面積, 並且輕易可見 例 : Papers had been spread out on the desk.(各種報紙攤在書桌上) 3. 張開, 伸開 -->通常用在張開雙臂...

    • 請問Thinking is spreading

      thinking is spreading = 思想伸延 out of control = 不受控,失控 感情方面同一樣意思的啦 可能愛一個人愛到不受控 (?)