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  1. spring from

    • ph.
      發源於某事物; 來自某事物; 出身於;【口】從(某處)突然地或意外地出現
    • 釋義
    • ph.
    • 1. 發源於某事物; 來自某事物; 出身於

      He sprang from peasant stock. 他是農民出身。

      Hatred often springs from fear. 仇恨通常源於恐懼。

    • 2. 【口】從(某處)突然地或意外地出現

      Where on earth did you spring from? 你是打哪兒冒出來的?

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      ...房間。 4. 突然出現, 湧現[(+up)] 5. 源(於), 來(自)[(+from)] A cry of anger sprang from the crowd. 從人群中發出了憤怒的叫聲。 6. 一躍而成[(+into)] 7. 迅速生長; 很快...

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      Why does folk music-music that springs from the everyday lives of people throughout the...什麼,但是大家就是覺得他們不會喜歡。 1. springs from means ( )? 「源自於」的意思? A...

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      She springs from the sports player the interest so much dividing Cawa and continuously...