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  1. spring tide


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    • 請英文高手幫我翻譯一下

      ...and back, the fiesta sweeps an activity into most a high tide, hilltop exert is visit grave crowd, the government will also... Sweeping Day just when Mu spring moment, the whole family size visits grave 我也不...

    • 有誰能幫我翻Peter Pan 英翻中

      ... could sniff danger even in his sleep.He sprang awake.''Pirates!'' he cried...the rock.She would surely drown surely drown when the tide rose ! But Tiger Lily showedno...

    • Help~中文歌詞翻成英文(兩首歌和一句話)

      ...seem to walk into the fifth season Day and night disorderly harmonious tide's being suffused with self-will to rise to back have no spring in dictionary Leave a person to spend lavishly tears avoidance to return...