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  1. spurn

    • IPA[spəːn]


    • v.
      reject with disdain or contempt;strike, tread, or push away with the foot
    • n.
      an act of spurning
    • verb: spurn, 3rd person present: spurns, gerund or present participle: spurning, past tense: spurned, past participle: spurned

    • noun: spurn, plural noun: spurns

    • 釋義


    • 1. reject with disdain or contempt he spoke gruffly, as if afraid that his invitation would be spurned
    • strike, tread, or push away with the foot with one touch of my feet, I spurn the solid Earth


    • 1. archaic an act of spurning it is a spurn of God's sovereignty, and a slight of his goodness