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  1. spurred

    • KK[spɝd]
    • DJ[spə:d]


    • adj.
    • 釋義
    • adj.
    • 1. (靴)裝有馬刺的
    • 2. 【植】有花距的
    • 3. spur的動詞過去式、過去分詞
  2. 知識+

    • Spur(s)在隊伍命名上的意思?

      Spurs 馬刺 and Hot Spurs 熱馬刺. When you go horseback riding, you kick the horse with spurs so that it (horse) will run faster.

    • j喜蝦咪意鼠

      ...court losing streak to San Antonio with a 89-81 win over the Spurs on Tuesday night. ... 拜二晚上以89-81的分數勝過 Spurs 的球賽...

    • Whether friendship or love. I

      ... friendship or love. I want a life, not a spur of the moment. 不論是交朋友還是談戀愛, 我要的是常態的... by a sudden idea; out of a whim seizure 而a spur of the moment基本上是個名詞, 譯為一時的刺激或衝動(過...