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  1. square sail

    • IPA[skwer sāl]
    • n.
      a four-cornered sail supported by a yard attached to a mast.
    • noun: square sail, plural noun: square sails

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      ...wharf can be reached by cable car from Union Square. Most ferry rides take off from here to scenic...back home. I also love riding on the $25 charter sail boats that leave from the wharf. ...

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      ... as the first beam glittering on a sail, That brings our friends up... casement slowly grows a glimmering square; So sad, so strange, the days that are...

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      Falkirk輪子 . Falkirk輪子是世界的唯一的轉動的小船推力。它是鋼胳膊每舉行小船可能航行的一輛充滿水的坦克。 輪子轉動,只如此做胳膊,培養和降低小船距離25米,使用力量相等與八個煮沸的茶壺...